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Workshops & Private Lessons

Several times a year, Katya hosts flower workshops and gives private lessons in the floral capital of the world, Aalsmeer. These workshops are designed for floral enthusiasts, budding designers, and individuals eager to broaden their knowledge of distinctive techniques and work with top quality flowers. Ideal for those wishing to immerse themselves in the realm of exquisite garden roses and other special flowers, to explore the art & craft of floral design. Katya's workshops offer a perfect opportunity for a hands-on and enriching experience.


For those who are unable to attend a workshop on specific dates or prefer a personalised experience, we offer a range of customised private floral design lessons and courses.

To receive our workshop program or to book a floral design class, please send us an email with your request.


Workshops at 
Fragrant Garden in Aalsmeer

If you are interested to learn more about Katya's workshops in Aalsmeer and read her insightful interview with Parfum Flower Company, please check out this link.

Photography: Buushiigraphy

Homo Faber Guide Member 

Since 2021, Katya has proudly been a member of the Homo Faber Guide, an initiative by the Michelangelo Foundation For Creativity & Craftsmanship that promotes European craftsmanship and artisans.

Discover Katya's Portfolio on Homo Faber Guide >

Homo Faber Christmas Centrepiece Tutorial 

Anne Ferwerda

"I had a day of private lessons with Katya. What a special experience —
I learned so much. Highly recommended! Katya is enthusiastic and very skilled in her profession."

Debby Geenen

"I am a florist myself and attended the Bridal Bouquet workshop with Katya, alongside other fellow florists. What an enjoyable experience it was, and not just because we were surrounded by an oasis of beautiful flowers. The workshop is divided into a theory part and a practical part. During both segments, Katya takes the time to answer questions and shares her vision and approach with you. Katya is someone who works in a very structured way (which I really appreciate) and also operates very precisely and accurately. She has an eye for detail and also teaches everyone to develop an eye for detail.
The workshop includes a lot of tips and tricks, and Katya explains how she gathers her information. She genuinely dedicates time to the entire group to answer questions, and also to discover our individual interests and respond to them. What I also appreciated was that she took the time to thoroughly go through each person's bouquet and provide tips on how she would approach it herself. Because everything is explained step by step, you will also realize that you can easily apply the theory in practice! In short, highly recommended if you want to attend a workshop."

Laura Fodor

"Katya gave me inspiration and motivation that I’m capable of doing everything I want to do to achieve my dream — to open my flower shop and work on wedding assignments. She has the best experience and a great background in floristry and styling, with a sophisticated sense for the garden style, so I couldn’t choose any better teacher for my professional development. She is kind, passionate, and motivated to teach and to provide the best guidance for me as her student, so I can have the best information about floral design and the garden style. I would recommend her as a teacher for a beginner or an advanced florist as well. Thank you, Katya, for your passionate teaching."

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