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Over the span of her extensive career, Katya's work appeared on the pages of numerous national and international magazines, wedding blogs, and prestigious press outlets. The list of her publications includes renowned brands such as Style Me Pretty, Weddings & Honeymoons, The New York Times, Florists' Review, Glamour, GQ, InStyle, Viva!, Collezioni, Cosmopolitan, Shape, Dusty Blue, Amber & Muse, Girls of Honour, Thursd, and the esteemed Homo Faber Guide.

Blog on Thursd.

Katya is a passionate blogger contributing to the prominent floriculture magazine, Her blogs cover a diverse array of topics, offering insights into her collaborations with leading growers and breeders. She shares valuable knowledge on various floral design techniques, providing a glimpse into her creative process. Additionally, her blogs feature captivating content on styled shoots, showcasing her aesthetic finesse. Katya also highlights collaborative projects with her colleagues, fostering a sense of community within the floral industry.

For those eager to explore her engaging blogs and gain a deeper understanding of the floral world through Katya's perspective, here is the link is provided for easy access:


Katya Hutter's Blogs on Thursd.

Thursd blogs by Katya Hutter
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