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Floral Arrangements

Welcome to our creative floral atelier in Amsterdam and Aalsmeer, where each floral arrangement is skilfully crafted to be unique and unforgettable. As your dedicated florist, we strive to exceed expectations by surprising our clients with exclusive high-quality flowers, captivating colour combinations, and beautiful shapes.


In our pursuit of excellence, we often incorporate up to 35 different varieties of flowers and foliage to create truly exquisite floral designs that enchant our clients' special celebrations. Whether you're seeking a skilled floral designer or a trusted wedding florist in Europe, our commitment to artistry and quality sets us apart.

Discover the beauty of bespoke floral arrangements that reflect your individual style and elevate your special moments. At Katya Hutter Floral Design, we blend creativity with expertise to ensure your floral experience is nothing short of extraordinary.


Our Services

At Katya Hutter Floral Design, we are passionate about creating beautiful and unique floral arrangements that bring joy and beauty to any occasion. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help make your next event unforgettable.

Fine-art Photography: Alexandra Vonk 

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