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Art Projects

We'd like to share with you one of our noteworthy art projects, "Flowers for Justice and Equality". It was a collaboration with the talented Amsterdam-based photographer Kristina Kutena. In late spring 2020, Kristina approached Katya with the idea of taking a series of monochromatic photographs of models with different skin tones and matching flowers. We could not imagine that this initially aesthetic project would become our response and a statement on equality and justice, that it would be so intertwined and connected with the reality around us and what is happening in the world.


"While we were filming and retouching the images, George Floyd protests and Black lives matter protests broke out in the United States. People demanded equality. In Amsterdam, there were massive protests on Dam Square, a ten-minute walk from my floral atelier, so close."

"When the final images were ready, Kristina and I discussed them simultaneously with the latest news about the protests in Kristina's homeland, Belarus, where people demanded justice. Impressed by all this, I got the idea to combine floristry, photography, politics, and philosophy in this publication and call it “Flowers for Justice and Equality”. "


Photography: Kristina Kutena

Screenshot 2023-12-14 at 12.01.34.png

Blog on Thursd.

Katya wrote a blog about this project for Thursd, a leading floriculture magazine. If you are interested in learning more, please check out the link below:

"Flowers for Justice and Equality" Project 

Photography: Kristina Kutena

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