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Victoria & Alexander

Project Type

Wedding flowers


June 2021


Floral Designer


Amstel Hotel, Amsterdam


Alina Krasilina


Anna Nasnimala

Amstel Hotel, Amsterdam

When Victoria approached me to create bespoke floral arrangements for her wedding at the Amstel Hotel in Amsterdam, I was thrilled to turn her vision into reality through opulent high centrepieces and a modern round wedding bouquet. I handpicked the finest white garden roses, including the exquisite Alabaster variety, alongside pristine white hydrangeas, luxurious orchids, and delicate baby's breath. This floral composition, exclusively featuring roses, orchids, baby's breath, and hydrangeas arranged in clusters, captures the elegance of modern wedding style design. Seamlessly blending with the splendid classical interior of the historic Amstel Hotel, the result was an enchanting and magical celebration for Victoria and Alexander on their special day.

Colour scheme: white;

Style: modern and classic;

Kind words:

"The most beautiful flowers I could imagine for my wedding! My wedding bouquet's special roses (like a cloud of sweets and happiness) and the stunning table decorations were done by an amazing florist, Katya. The flower decorations underpinned the atmosphere of the wedding so well! She mentioned that typically people start discussing the floral arrangements a year in advance, and we managed to align in just a couple of calls from start to finish! Considering the timeline was quite tight, we were lucky that Katya was available and managed to arrange everything so quickly and passionately for our big day! From the moment I met her, I instantly knew that she is who I was looking for! Her taste, attention to detail, and positive vibe turned my wishes into reality immaculately. It was exquisite✨ Thank you for making this piece of art! I would highly recommend Katya to anybody looking for floral arrangements!" - Victoria

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