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Emily & Tjeng-wee

Project Type

Wedding Flowers


July, 2022


Slot Zeist, The Netherlands


Floral Designer

Slot Zeist, The Netherlands

My delightful Chinese clients, Emily & Tjeng-wee, drew inspiration from my Japanese-style arrangements, entrusting me with realising their vision of romantic, natural, and opulent wedding flowers. My selection of flowers included luxurious Japanese garden roses, the delicate hues of dusty pink Cafe Latte roses, the soft elegance of pink sweet peas and their vines, complemented by gentle peach orchids and the sophisticated charm of lisianthus. Set against the exquisite interiors of the mirror room of Slot Zeist, chosen as the backdrop for the ceremony, our flowers interwove a tapestry of natural elegance into the classical golden interior. The bridesmaids radiated youthful freshness, their blooms harmonising seamlessly, while Emily herself embodied unmatched grace as the bride.

Color Palette: soft pink, soft peach, dusty pink, cream, and soft green;

Style: natural, luxurious, abundant;

Kind words:

"Katya did an excellent job with the flowers for our wedding. The process was executed with utmost professionalism, focusing on the smallest details. She possesses a keen insight into what can be achieved elegantly. The special flowers were delivered at their best on our big day, accompanied by practical advice. Katya demonstrated great collaboration, embracing flexibility, and offering helpful solutions to align with our desires. Even amidst the busyness, she responded promptly to our messages and adeptly incorporated the final touches/changes. Our collaboration with her was a delightful experience, resulting in the most perfect flowers for our wedding day. I wholeheartedly recommend Katya's artistic work to everyone!" - Emily

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