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Chateau de Villette, Paris

This enchanting wedding styled shoot at one of Paris' most exquisite chateaus unfolded in the embrace of spring, when some of the most desired wedding flowers come into bloom - the splendid peonies. To infuse this floral design with exceptional charm, I chose the finest French variety, the sumptuous Bridal Shower Peony. These blooms were so voluminous and radiated luxury. I opted for a monochromatic approach, using exclusively white peonies arranged in a modern and contemporary manner. For the ceremony, a playful touch of white alliums was introduced.

Our gorgeous couple, Alannah & Victor, graced the magnificent interiors with glamour and beauty. The peonies perfectly complemented Alannah's fine features, adding to her radiant charm. The entire experience was magical, resulting in an exquisite outcome that truly captivates. I'm eagerly anticipating the prospect of returning to this chateau for future endeavors!

Color palette: white;

Style: contemporary, modern elegance;

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April 2023


Chateau de Villette, Paris


April, 2022


Floral Designer

Project type

Wedding Flowers

Planning & Styling

Sante Weddings


Buushiigraphy and Olive Wedding


My Peony Society


Anna Nasnimala

Alannah & Victor

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