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Katya Hutter Floral Design work process:


Step 1 - Request

  • We recommend to book in advance. Weddings and Events should be booked minimum 4 to 6 months in advance, other products and services can be booked on short notice

  • Please send Katya your request via this form or call us. Please include the following details: date of the event or when would you like to receive your order, please describe your wishes & ideas and, if possible, include some photo examples and information about your budget.

Step 2 - Offer & Estimate

  • We will answer you shortly and schedule a call or a meeting to discuss your project or order.

  • We will prepare an offer and an estimate for your project.


Step 3 - Confirmation & Planning

  • After your confirmation we will send you an invoice and we'll book the date for you.

  • When the deposit is made, we will prepare a detailed working plan and develop a unique floral design concept for you with a master list of flowers and plants.

  • During the preparation stage we usually visit the venue, as the location often dictates the look & feel of the floral design. We closely work with other vendors to achieve the best final results.


Step 4 - Production

  • We will deliver the arrangements or work on location and provide you with the best possible quality of flowers and designs.

  • On the delivery day it is time to enjoy the magic of the flowers and the beautiful atmosphere they create.

  • In the end we will collect the vessels and other installation materials as scheduled.

Katya Hutter Floral Design pricing and packages:

Each flower arrangement which Katya makes is unique. We work with seasonal flowers and plants. Our prices depend a lot on daily auction based flower market prices. Therefore we always estimate individual projects and don't have fixed packages. Please send us your request via this form or call us to discuss your ideas and to get an estimate.

 We are flexible and work with different budgets. We believe that creativity and love for profession help to find effective solutions for each individual client. Great designs are not always the most expensive ones and the other  way around. Of course luxurious flowers in large quantities make a great impression and it is always a big pleasure  and very exiting to work on big projects, but we also welcome clients with smaller events or orders.

Katya is spoilt to work with world's most beautiful flowers and plants, but being naturally a street smart person she is always looking for best price quality offers on the market. 

Budget plays an important and sometimes a crucial role, but what really matters is the great emotions and memories which flowers give us. Katya always takes nice pictures or asks fellow photographers to photograph her flowers, so this way she and her clients enjoy them for a long time.

Katya Hutter Floral Design offers the following services:


For Private Clients

Personalised Wedding Floral Decoration

Event Floral Decoration

Artistic Flower Arrangements for Interior Design

Bouquets and Floral Arrangements for Memorable Gifts

For Hotels, Restaurants, Retail

Statement Flower Arrangements for Interior Design

Special Event Floral Decoration

Unique Floral Gifts for Clients & Colleagues



For Floral Industry 

Professional Product Photoshoots &  Styled Photoshoots

Organisation and Participation in Master-classes & Professional Events


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