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"I feel privileged to share my passion for floristry and talents with others. Flowers and plants give us pure joy, awake feelings and deep emotions. They have beautiful faces, bodies and subtile voices.To hear them, one needs to be a very careful listener, as selfless as possible. When you listen with all your heart and let their natural essence shine through your work, then you make space for a magical dialogue. A very personal dialogue between you and the flowers. If you can achieve it, together you will create true beauty."

Flowers for Interior

Photography: Karan Kapoor, Katya Hutter, Chris Hutter, Cartoon Von Qrista, Roses: Parfum Flower Company, Berg RoseS, Lisianthus: Van Den Berg Lisianthus, Hydrangea: Hydrangea World, Pieter Kolk, Kwekerij Vicini, Lilies: Bredefleur, Vanda orchids: Ansu Vanda, Dahlias: Fam Flower Farm, Ranunculus: Monarch flowers

Shop Window Display Flowers

Photography: Katya Hutter, Cartoon Von Qrista. Location: bridal boutique "I Do! I Do!", Amsterdam, Orchids: Ansu Vanda, Hydrangea: Pieter Kolk, Roses: Berg RoseS, Parfum Flower Company

Intake Interview

 Flowers for Interior

1 hour 

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