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Creative Floral Atelier

"My creative floral atelier is located in the heart of Amsterdam,

The Netherlands, on a famous canal Prinsengracht, in a beautiful monument building which dates back to 1656. The house was built during the Dutch Golden Age and it's one of the charming Canal Houses of Amsterdam Canal belt, a UNESCO World Heritage site. This special atmosphere inspires me every day. Here I work on new concepts, meet my clients and colleagues, give lessons and create floral arrangements."

Photography: Chris Hutter, Katya Hutter

"Nature is a great source of inspiration for me, ever-changing and timeless at the same time. There are many ways to observe and enjoy nature, to be inspired and to learn from it. I'm very lucky to have a daily contact with nature in my unique rooftop garden and a beautiful terrace in the heart of Amsterdam. "

My rooftop garden